Transformation makeovers with Lyne Larose

Lyne Larose is a certified make-up artist and image consultant specializing in services for the transgender community. Let Lyne ease your worries as she transforms you into the classy, passable woman that you want to be.

Lyne knows and cares about the trans* community. Let her bring out the real you through any of her fabulous services.

In-House Transformation

Most women really don’t know that much about make-up as they generally stick to a few basics that “sort-of-work” for them. Trans* persons actually have even greater needs than the average woman. Let Lyne guide you with the following:

• Full make-up transformation tailored to your needs

• Make-up tutorial

• Special emphasis on successful beard-shadow coverage

• Skin-care tutorial

• Special emphasis on products to rejuvenate your skin

Personal Shopping Excursions

Finding the right look can de daunting for most people … but it is particularly challenging for the trans* community who must find make-up, clothing and footwear that truly work for them.

Enjoy yourself as Lyne guides you through the process.

 • Shopping for your most appropriate make-up, skin care products and accessories

• Shopping for clothing that create the right look for you

Girls Night Out

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

• Dine out in a restaurant

• Go to a club

• Go to the movies

• Go to the theatre

• Your choice!

Most MtF trans* persons have spent small fortunes buying various items of clothing that they never wear or make-up that they do not use. Lyne’s guidance can actually save you money as you learn what works best for you.

To find out how Lyne can help you, call her at 819.772.9721819.772.9721 (daily until 9:00pm)

Special introductory price: $150 for the day.

 If you cannot call feel free to email rachellegauvin@gmail.com

Discretion and satisfaction assured.


Hello, I send this email to you because I think your help might be useful in my recruitment phase of my dissertation project on trans parenting, supervised by Danielle Julien (a pioneer in research on gay and lesbian parenting) and Line Chamberland (holder of the Quebec Research Chair on Homophobia). In order to diversify myContinue Reading

i everyone, Just to follow-up on this weekend’s presentation by Lyne Larose on make-up and skin-care I would like to pass-on Lyne’s receipe for natural skin care. This natural solution is designed to help soften and firm-up your skin and it can be done once a week: 1. Tea spoon corn flower. 2. Add eggContinue Reading