The following resources have been compiled by members and the executive of Gender Mosaic.

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Breast Augmentation, SRS/GRS

Dr. Pierre Brassard
GRS/SRS in Montreal.

Dr. Howard SilvermanOttawa
Dr. Howard Silverman is fully certified by the Canadian and American Boards of Plastic surgery, and specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery – FFS

Dr. Eric Bensimon – Montreal
For over 10 years, Dr. Bensimon has been performing Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) techniques, a process that “softens up” the male’s facial features into a natural, feminine appearance. You can view a video and several pages of before / after photos on his web site.”

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel  
Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel a Boston MA area facial and cosmetic reconstructive plastic surgery doctor specializing in a wide range of surgeries including facial.

Dr. Ousterhout
Dr Douglas Ousterhout facial feminization surgery, transexual FFS surgery, FFS or facial feminisation surgery, ts, tg facial feminisation for male to female.

Facial Feminization Surgery in Montreal
FFS by Dr. Pierre Brassard.

Dr. Joel Beck offers transgender surgery / male to female surgery. Please visit this page to learn more about the options available for a sex change.

Virtual Facial Feminization
A guide to help you plan your facial feminization surgery FFS.

General Resources

Laura’s Playground
Support Site source for transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers We offer Forums, Email and Live Chat support.

Susan’s place
A support resource for transsexuals and the transgender community. A wealth of information, articles, links, site ratings & reviews, message boards, chat.

Support Site source for transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers We offer Forums, Email and Live Chat support.

Feminization Secrets
Male to Female Feminization Tips for Crossdressers, Transsexuals, and Transgender Women.

Crossdressing Guide
Learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic woman from the most comprehensive feminization guide on the web.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I help and advise closet, semi and permanent cds, with dress, shopping, make-up, etc.

Emerald Fantasy
The Emerald Fantasy crossdresser transformations in Seattle, Washington. … on your Emerald Fantasy crossdresser transformation in Seattle, Washington.

Crossdresser Heaven
Offers fashion, makeup and body movement tips.

Transsexual Women’s Successes
Links and Photos by Lyn Conway
The Premier Line of Crossdresser and Crossdressing Clothing.

Rachelle GauvinMale to Female – MTF – Resources

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