Statement in Support of “Limina”

As Canada’s first and largest transgender support organization, Gender Mosaic is well aware of the discrimination that exists against our community. Transgender Canadians still experience discrimination in alarming ways, and yet it is so much worse in other parts of the world.

“While awareness of trans* issues is on the rise, and significant progress has been made in recent years, there’s still a long way to go.” says Janne Charbonneau, President of Gender Mosaic.

Sadly, while on location in Switzerland for pre-production, the producers of a short film entitled Limina encountered transphobic fear-mongering and hate in a way that we would not expect at home here in Canada.

At Gender Mosaic, we seek not only to provide trans* or questioning individuals with a safe place to be themselves, but also to educate and advocate for equal human rights and the elimination of discrimination in all forms, wherever it exists.

The pre-amble to our bylaws states that: “We shall endeavour to create an energetic, diverse, and understanding community where individuals are free to express and develop their personal growth while respecting the needs of others to do the same. Through the promotion of common-interest forums and other resources we agree to empower with knowledge both ourselves and those we affect…We shall strive to remove the barriers toward these goals and promote the education of all peoples and governing bodies which affect us.” “We also commit never to discriminate, judge or negatively label, through any form of communication, any other group or individual based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, culture, race, background and this within and without the boundaries of our group and our own communities.”

Ultimately, discrimination can be traced to a lack of education and compassion. It is also important to note that the most marginalized and oppressed people within any society often suffer from a lack of positive and honest representation within media that reflects and affirms their personal experience.

We believe that all children need unconditional love and the support of their family and community. We believe that all children need the freedom to be themselves regardless of whether they are cisgender, gender-creative, or transgender. No child should be told that who they are or how they express their individuality is wrong. Trans* people are not mentally ill and being transgender is not something to fear or correct.

Projects like Limina address all of these issues by seeking to not only educate, but inspire.

We at Gender Mosaic wish to denounce any petition or action that seeks to block or hinder the Limina film project. We would also like to express our support, encouragement and thanks to Florian Halbedl and Joshua M Ferguson.

Thank you.

Please follow and support Florian and Joshua on Twitter:     @florianhalbedl    @joshuamferguson

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Dianne SkollStatement in Support of “Limina”